My Approach to Acupuncture

Portrait of Jessica FromuthMy Approach

I have always been a very curious person.  I love working one on one with people because it gives me the opportunity to learn about what makes each person unique. Because no two people are exactly alike, the work is always interesting.  My relationship with my patients develops in part out of my curiosity about them.  My ability to create a treatment that is uniquely effective for them follows from that.

My approach is also based on the assumption that no one knows you and your body better than you do.  My knowledge of acupuncture is only part of what makes for an effective treatment.  The other part is you.  I strive to create an experience that is comfortable and positive in every way and only you can help me to do this.

I will spend the time to listen carefully to you and I will ask questions that help me to understand your situation more fully.  I will follow your progress from one treatment to the next to be sure we are staying on the right track.  I will encourage you to take care of yourself in a way that supports your goals.  I will explain acupuncture concepts in a way that you can understand and use in your daily life.  And I am always eager to answer any questions you have.  These are some of the important features of my approach to acupuncture.  I am eager to work with you to create the life you want and I am truly honored and privileged to be a part of that process.

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