Ovarian Cysts

I had severe pain every month…

Symptoms — Painful menstruation and panic attacks during ovulation.

I’m a psychologist and I was originally interested in acupuncture because I thought it could help my patients.  But I also had a good reason to go for my own sake.  I had been struggling for a long time with very painful periods and panic attacks during ovulation.  The pain was so bad one time that I thought I was having a heart attack and I called 911.  My periods were heavy and painful, with clotting, mood swings, fatigue, awful cramping and anxiety.  I was on birth control pills to try to help with the symptoms and it did help some.  But I didn’t want to always be on them and I still had plenty of discomfort.  So I called and made an appointment.

I was a little anxious about the whole needle thing but after talking to Jessica I felt better.  I felt comfortable with her on the phone and when I got to the first appointment her thorough and caring approach put me at ease.  She explained everything she was going to do and was always happy to answer any questions I had.  And I had plenty!  So after taking an extensive history where she asked about almost everything, I had my first treatment.  What I learned very quickly is that acupuncture is effective in treating all of the issues I was struggling with.  She began treating me every week and I went off the pill very quickly.   She explained that she was treating the symptoms to help me feel better in the short term but also treating the root of the problem to help resolve the issues over the long term.  I learned that some of the emotional issues I was struggling with at the time, like being in a frustrating intimate relationship and working for a company that I disliked, were exacerbating all of my physical issues.  I began to see how all of the aspects of my life were affecting one another.

Over a period of months my symptoms improved and I never did go back on the pill.  My cycles are almost normal now and I have recently gotten a new job!  I am so much happier overall and I have continued to be amazed by how much the acupuncture has helped me on a physical as well as emotional level.  It has literally improved all aspects of my life.  I recommend it to my patients all the time now.  I’m sure I will be a long time patient of Jessica’s.

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